Facial Rejuvenation

With age taking over in course of time, the natural young appearance of the human face gets impacted. The face ‘losing its shine’ is the most common expression to describe this phenomenon among people. The specifics are a lot more detailed - there are multiple factors that make the face look older.

Face rejuvenation is the procedure to reinvent the younger look by addressing each and every factor that causes the effect of ageing to appear visually on the face. In short, face rejuvenation is a combination of more than one procedure to restore the young look of the face.

There are many factors that might cause the face to look older. There is a corresponding treatment and procedure for each of them. While the details of the treatment and possible causes are multiple, some of the common ones and the corresponding procedure are:

1. Loss of required fat content can be treated by means of transfer of fat from another part of the body. Known as liposuction, the procedure to remove body fat, it is deployed to remove fat deposits that are then embedded into the skin of the target area. Specifically, the restoration of ‘Adipose Derived Regenerative Cells’ is what is achieved.

2. The appearance of age often has a lot to do with appearance of the eyes of a person. Again, depending on further details of the cause, it can be a combination of multiple treatments, inclusive of (but not limited to) eyelid lift, eyebrow lift etc. to achieve the desired results.

3. Wrinkles are one of the most common concerns among many. There are methods deployed to remove them. A popular procedural example would be that of anti-wrinkle injections for this purpose.

4. In case of face drooping, surgical procedures such as facelift would be deployed to restore the youthful facial appearance.

5. The chin surgeries, whether it is for chin enhancement or cut back in case of a double chin, can make a massive difference to look younger.